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Monday, November 25, 2013

Story time with yours truly

All right, turn to page sixteen in your books. You should see a monkey's ape. Am I saying this right? Tell me I'm saying this right. No? Okay.

Formatting is very important when you are creating a website. You have to make sure you like the formatting, the people who look at your website like your formatting, and that the formatting goes well with what your trying to do. We are going to talk about to day is formatting for website's navigation bar.

A traditional navigation bar is one of these:

We want to use a better one, more like one of these:

Home           Follow

Isn't that neat! I'm actually only using  one picture. This one:

As you can see the top one is what it looks like when you do nothing to it. The middle one is where you hover on top of it, and the bottom is the one where you click on it.

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