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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm to young to dive in a colored pit, instead how about I swim on top of it!

    Hello fellow citizens, I am to young to di*cough*, I mean, I am surrounded by this weird red substance. I am trying to decode it but it wont budge.
 Huh? What happend? I am back to normal, or almost normal. 
Oh there we go. Can I get your attention? Can I get a microphone or something? Thank you!

Whoa! To loud, h4 can I get your help?

Thank you! So now that I have decoded it, I am almost back to normal, the only thing is, I have a microphone and I am orange. What? You want the code? ok.

here is the code:

<title>color twice</title>
<p style="background-color: your background color here">your text here</p>

If you can't think of any color do orange, red or blue


  1. Hi Tomas! Thanks!
    You've just helped me on my Project!

    You Rock!

    1. Man I never knew my blog could be so helpful. Spoiler alert! After this chapter is done we are going to do this again in a more fun way!!