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Thursday, January 3, 2013

To be cool and awesome you need style

     So we have seen header but what if we wanted to make words a certain size or color. We use the "style" setting(one of the things that go into stuff like: <p>).

Over the few lessons we'll be going to make this:

I am 45 pixels, color green, I am styled Garamond and my back ground color is orange. I am awesome.

Cool right!! I used a div tag, but you don't need one.

Lesson 1: Size with style

So open up your notepad or codecademy and type:

<title>STYLE : )</title>
<p style ="font-size: 45px">your text here</p>

The output should look like this:


now save it. windowsave as, and call it: style.HTML

I encourage you to play around with the pixels(px) also known as the number in the box(45) for people that are not as high-tech.

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