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Monday, February 4, 2013

How Google Makes Their Jokes

Hey it's me again. I am going of topic with programming, but Google is a lot better than programming. The reason why is because of how funny they can be. It's more than just a search bar, it's Google.

Here is some fun things you can do with Google:

  1. This is probably the most easy thing to do with Google, open Google and hover over the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button, without typing anything in, and it will spin to many different things including
    • I am feeling hungry
    • I am feeling playful
    • I am feeling artistic
    • I am feeling wonderful
    • I am feeling stellar
    • I am feeling puzzled
  2. In the search bar type in anagram and Google will ask you did you mean nag a ram?
  3. A more common one is the barrel roll. so type in the search bar do a barrel roll and the screen will spin!
  4. type recursion in the search bar and it will ask you did you mean recursion? Well, at first I did not know what that meant, but eventually I looked in the dictionary and it means repeating its self.
  5. Two words my friend, Zerg Rush. Type that in to the search bar and good luck! your going to need it. Zerg Rush is a game that you have to destroy the thingys to win before they get you!!!
  6. type in google gravity and click I am Feeling Lucky, That's it
  7. type in google Chuck Norris, Oops I shouldn't say that, anyways click on the I'm Feeling lucky button and read ALL OF IT!!!

That's it I'm done. I said I'm done! You can go now. Shoo! Shoo! Stop reading this page! Fine, if you want amusement I'll give you amusement!

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