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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

HTML: I have dived into a paragraph and I couldn't get out, until now

   Sorry I've haven't typed for so long. First I thought I would wait until I had 10,000 viewers. But then I stopped looking at my blog. Now I am going to teach HTML. If you've been to my HTML5 lesson, it's kind of like that.

Today you are going to learn haw to make this:

Luke Skywalker

This is Luke Skywalker.

If you have a windows computer, open the notepad, If not go to codecademy, Web fundamentals, the first course. Alright, I think I can start you off.

Lesson 1: Paragraphs

To make the website say what you want it to say, we use the tags <p>,</p> and <br>,</br>.
Lets worry about<p> and </p> first.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<p>Type anything here</p>

alright, if you are using codecademy hit run. If you are using notepad hit save as....

There will be 5 Lessons(counting this one).

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