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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

game cheats

 I'm going to show you some computer game cheats for kids. Right now I am going to show you poptropica and club penguin. Club penguin only has one that I know of.

Go to the map and there should be an ice island on the far right -->

<---follow the arrow

now the poptropica cheats. Most are pc cheats/all computers except mac, and all computers.

                                 pc cheats:                                                          all computers:

                             control+shift+o              Finish the nabooti island and go to items and click on the phone.
                             control+shift+p                                                        dial 1337
                             control+shift+f5                                                           411
              jump and press control+shift+f6                                                 911

if you want more ask in comments.

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