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Sunday, October 30, 2011


Have you ever been on a social site such as facebook or social too?If you have this is how you make social sites!

Watch this!

That is just some HTML. We're not going to do that first.

Alright now to start. HTML means Hypertext Markup Language we just call it HTML for short though. Have your Mom or Dad download(Or if your an adult just download) this thing called nvu.If you have a pc I sugest you should use note pad but this is also ok.

Go ahead and open it. Once you've opened it try typing this (Don't put the parenthesis):
(<)title(>)just starting
I can type using html

Note: you always put<(word/letter)>to start it andto end it.

I am using html right now on my blog. You can type anything in the paragraph tag (<)p(>). Another way on writing a paragraph is to use the line break tag (<)br(>). if your paragraph gets to long just close the paragraph (<)/p(>) and put the line break tag and keep on typing. You have to put the end of paragraph tag (<)/p(>) at the end.

How you make pictures and videos is by using the image script (<)img scr=""(>) tag. Go to google images for pictures and youtube for videos. Type (<)img scr=""(>). Now go to youtube or google images. For youtube go to the video you like and go to the description click on share then click on embed. Copy the code (command for a mac or for a pc control(ctrl) c) and in the middle of the quotation marks paste it(command for a mac or for a pc control(ctrl) v). For the pictures on google images choose your image and this time left click(for a mac use two fingers and click) and press copy image URL and paste it between the two quotation marks.


  1. Hey Thomas, I wanted to give you an HTML tip of my own that will be of benefit to you!

    Did you know that you can display HTML code on a website (like you showed above) by using this code:

    <(c)ode><(p)re>HTML CODE HERE (without the parenthesis, unfortunately Blogger doesn't allow any type of HTML in comments!

    In most recent browsers one tag or the other (either code or pre) will work, but I use them both just to be safe and legacy-compliant!

    Great post, Thomas!

  2. (Also add the ending tags afterword of course, Blogger removed that formatting as well!

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  4. That's a simple yet wonderful article Thomas! Keep it coming :)

  5. Thomas,
    I'm visiting again to see how your progess is coming. Looking good, and you're getting into some hardcore programming it seems! (Out of my area of expertise, I strictly specialize in front-end/UX (user interface design) which consists of really any front-end development XTHML/CSS/Layout Design(Photoshop) and some jScript.

    Anyhow, your last comment about the comment box, could you explain in more detail as to what you wanted to do with it and maybe I can take a shot at it and see if we can't do what you're trying to do with it.

    Talk soon,

  6. I am looking for a format that can post comments can anyone help me?

  7. In my next program I will show you how to make text boxes